MLA 2022 Call for Papers on Opera

I am so excited to announce TWO cfp’s for MLA 2022 from the Forum for Opera and Musical Performance, the second of which is in collaboration with the Forum for Drama and Performance. We’d love to hear from any opera scholars across disciplines.

Found in Translation: Opera Among Languages

Many librettos are written in a language other than that of their source text. What interesting results arise from the movement between languages (as well as into a musical register) in operatic production and reception?

Deadline for submissions: Monday, 15 March 2021

Abstracts to: John Pendergast, US Military Acad ( )

The Politics of Performance: Race in American Musical Theatre and Opera

American musical theatre and classical Opera both have a complex relationship to questions of race and representation. How does innovation in performance reimagine this history? How might embodied and vulnerable performances effect political intervention?

Deadline for submissions: Monday, 15 March 2021

Abstracts to: Naomi E. Morgenstern, U of Toronto ( ) and R. Darren Gobert, Duke U ( )

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